Norris Cylinder

More than 20,000,000 Cylinders Produced

With a world-class team dedicated to product innovation and operational excellence, performance and quality are the #1 goals for all Norris Cylinder products. Our design and production engineers are well-versed with the metallurgical and forming characteristics of various metals, alloys and high-strength steels. Our quality department continuously maintains all policies and procedures to ensure compliance to all of our many certifications. Together our technical teams have accumulated years of experience in meeting the performance standards of industry, advisory and regulatory organizations.

Norris Cylinder manufactures a variety of Small, Intermediate, and Large High Pressure DOT3AA, DOT 3A, UN ISO 9809-1&2, EN ISO 9809-1, ASME, Acetylene DOT 8 and DOT 8AL, Welded DOT 4B, and Specialty Cylinders to DOT 3BN, DOT 3E, DOT 3HT, and a variety of other customer required specifications. In certain cases, cylinders can carry dual marks for dual specifications providing enhanced global use. Our activities include:

  • Metal Fabrication (Cold and Hot Forming)
  • Welding (MIG/TIG)
  • Chemical and Mechanical Processes
  • Porous Mass
  • Assembly and Finishing Processes

DOT High Pressure Cylinders
Acetylene Cylinders
ISO High Pressure Cylinders
Specialty Products